We offer state of the art clinical laboratory services designed to deliver exceptional quality combined with outstanding customer service. Our scientific expertise allows us to provide a quality-driven laboratory service that not only delivers routine and esoteric laboratory testing services, such a haematology, biochemistry, virology and microbiology but we also specialise Biological Monitoring and Function Medicine.

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We can provide a complete end to end service from testing packs and home finger-prick kits to Phlebotomy with guaranteed nationwide capability for sample collection.

As well as routine analyses, we’re able to meet bespoke requirements. For unusual or uncommon tests, we’re supported by a network of specialist laboratories.

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Our Customer Centric Approach

At PURA DIAGNOSTICS we’re experts when it comes to sample collection and laboratory diagnostic services, which is why we understand that it’s crucial to place customers at the centre of all we do.
From our market-leading technology to our guaranteed nationwide capability, rigorous compliance procedures and high quality service delivery, everything we do is designed to improve efficiency and provide an outstanding customer experience.
We’re on a mission to revolutionising the healthcare market with our pioneering, customer-centric approach.
Our purpose-built laboratory in Gloucestershire enables us to offer one the most comprehensive range of tests available in the UK.

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Innovation, Systems and Technology

Our commitment to innovation and determination to leverage the latest technology shines through everything we do. This doesn’t just enable us to enhance the overall experience for your customers. It also means we’re able to increase our efficiency and cost-effectiveness, too.

We are continually striving for technological innovation, and our significant investment in purpose built, cloud based, state of the art systems and mobile reporting capability means that we can provide seamless digital integration.All of our technology is regularly maintained and serviced, meaning they are robust and reliable.
What’s more, our online systems mean that everything from booking an appointment to communicating results is simple and straightforward.

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